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Zermatt Marathon



Switzerland - Zermatt


From: 2016.07.07 To: 2016.07.07



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Finishing a vertical mile higher than the start, the entire route of the mountain marathon is through a spectacular scenery. The supreme alpine race starts in St. Niklaus, which, situated at 1,085 meters above sea level, is in the lowest-lying mountain valley in Switzerland. Passing through a number of small villages on the way, the first leg will take you up to the world-famous resort of Zermatt, mainly along the left bank of the Vispa River. During the second leg of the challenge, you will still have almost 1,000 meters of running up to do, before finally reaching Riffelberg, the highest-altitude finish line in Europe. Surrounded by almost thirty 4,000 meter summits, complimentary beer and magnificent view of the majestic Mount Cervin make you forget about the heat, distance and the altitude. the brilliant experience even more unforgettable.

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