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Worthing International Birdman Festival



United Kingdom - Worthing


From: 2015.08.18 To: 2015.08.19



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As Cesar Pelli, an Argentinian-American architect, once correctly pointed out, “The desire to reach for the sky runs deep in our human psyche.” The International Worthing Birdman Championship proves this saying. Teams come from various countries in Europe and North America, including Germany, Switzerland, Canada and the United States. The goal of the championship is to fly the longest distance using human-powered machines. The winning team receives 10,000 pounds, which is often donated to charity. There is a separate category for those who compete simply for fun - or rather for the adrenalin rush. These participants are judged based on their costumes, entertainment value and distance. Over 30,000 people attend this event every year. One of the best things about the championship is that it takes place in the seaside resort of Worthing, which is famous for its breathtaking nature. Whether you want to compete or support the Birdmen you should come to Worthing this year. It will make for a great end-of-summer vacation!

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