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World Pastry Cup



France - Lyon


From: 2016.01.26 To: 2016.01.27



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According to World Pastry Cup founder Gabriel Paillasson, "The World Pastry Cup was to be, to pastry, what Formula One is to the automobile." Right then, pit stops: 10 hours to prepare 1. A chocolate dessert to serve 8 persons; 2. 12 chocolate bonbons of 6 different kinds; 3. One frozen dessert to serve 8 persons with edible support. Next, the race: 2 days to stuff as many of these creations into your cakehole as possible… actually maybe the last bit isn’t allowed at such a refined event but there’s sure to be plenty of chances for a delicate nibble. And you’ll want a nibble as, since it’s founding, the competition proved to be a huge success with the creations becoming even more dazzling and delectable with every passing year.

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