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World Marbles Championship



United Kingdom - Crawley


From: 2016.04.21 To: 2016.04.22



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England definitely knows how to keep its old traditions alive. Many events that one might find quite random are actually based on hundreds of years of history. The World Marble Championship is no exception. It originated in 1588 during the reign of Elizabeth I. Two men from Surrey and Sussex engaged in a grandiose marble battle for the hand of a maiden from Tinsley. Today teams from all around the world gather at the Greyhound Pub to win the title of the World Marble Champion. 49 marbles are placed in a 6-foot-diameter ring. Each team has 6 players with 4 marbles per person. The team that knocks 25 marbles out of the ring wins. The tournament attracts hundreds of visitors. Make a team and fight for the title of the World Marble Champion this year.

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