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World Hen Racing Championship



United Kingdom - Bonsall


From: 2015.08.04 To: 2015.08.04



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England loves races. It doesn’t really matter who competes – humans, horses or snails. As long as it’s fun and attracts curious crowds. Hens are no exception. They race over a course of approximately 20 meters at the Barley Mow Pub. There are very strict regulations imposed on competitors. For example, if hens engage in a fight, they will be disqualified. You have three options: 1) buy a chicken and train it for the tournament; 2) come to the event and rent a chicken to compete; 3) just show up and have a great time. By the way, the Barley Mow Pub can offer a selection of the best ales in England as well as great live music and mouthwatering food. Just don’t order chicken…

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