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World Grits Festival



United States - Saint George


From: 2016.04.08 To: 2016.04.10



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This event sounds quirky, doesn’t it? But as with most quirky festivals it is super fun! A ton of food options, carnival nights, a corn bag toss contest, a corn shelling contest, grits grinding, delicious dinners, arts and crafts, a parade, live performances, hula hoop contests, line dancing, a wheelbarrow race, a corn toss contest – seriously, we could go on forever! The festival originated in 1985, when a store manager Bill Hunter realized that St.George was making huge grits orders from multiple brokers, strange for the size of the town (2,000 people at the time). Upon conducting research, it was discovered that at that point St.George ate more grits per capita than any place on earth!! The town decided to celebrate this fact and that’s how this wonderful tradition was born. Learn how to make a savory grits pie, deep fried grits-n-cheese and Southern scramble at this fun and educational event.

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