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World Gravy Wrestling Championships



United Kingdom - Bacup


From: 2015.08.27 To: 2015.08.27



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It is somewhat hard to decide to which category this event belongs. ‘Culinary’? ‘Sports’? ‘Fun and Celebrations’? The answer is probably ‘all of the above.’ Participants wrestle in 440 gallons of Lancashire Gravy. The point of the game is to pin the opponent down in the gravy. At the same time, the audience evaluates the participants’ moves and expresses its preferences by applauding. It’s a team game, meaning that the team that accumulates the most points wins and receives the 'World Gravy Wrestling Belt'. After the competition the participants are hosed down by local firefighters. Warning: the gravy is past its best-before date, so do not attempt to eat it! The event takes place in Stacksteads, a village close to Bacup.

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