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World Egg Throwing Championship



United Kingdom - Swaton


From: 2016.06.24 To: 2016.06.24



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This event is not only extremely fun to participate in as well as to watch, it also requires such skills as precision, strength and adventurous spirit. Two competitions take place during this day. The first one is the egg throwing competition. Eggs are launched at the opposing team, who either receive points by catching the eggs or lose points by getting hit by them. At first the distance between the two teams is 30 meters - however, it extends after each round and can be up to 150 meters. The second competition is only for those who are especially adventurous and are not afraid of taking risks. It’s The Russian Egg Roulette. Two participants compete against each other by smashing eggs on to their foreheads. 5 out of 6 eggs are hard boiled and one is raw. You can pretty much guess how the competitor loses the tournament. By the way, according to the World Egg Throwing Federation, “all eggs come from organically fed, free range, sustainable and happy sources.”

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