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World Bog Snorkeling Championships



United Kingdom - Llanwrytd Wells


From: 2015.08.25 To: 2015.08.27



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Bog snorkeling? You're spot on when you think this sounds downright nasty, but that's part of the fun. Bog snorkeling entails maneuvering through a sixty-meter peat bog on the outskirts of one of Britain's smallest towns, Llanwrtyd Wells. It started years ago when a few locals dunked into the nearby Waen Rhydd peat bog to see who could smoothly swim through the dense waters flowering with murky mud and low-lying aquamarine life. Whether or not this unique activity was conceived before or after they'd met at another, less literal, "watering hole" is not certain. Nonetheless, the fad caught on. Soon all local men, women and children were trying out bog snorkeling. Now there's an annual competition to see who can go the fastest, and four categories of races ensue in this late August weekend competition: world championships, women's, junior's, and local championships. Past international contestants have been from Russia, Australia, New Zealand and England, all who race down the bog in less than two minutes, hoping to not drink the bog as they go. Wetsuits are optional, but certainly recommended.

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