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Witch Festival



France - Chalindrey


From: 2015.10.30 To: 2015.10.30



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Toss the plastic black pointy hat and rumors of wicked witches out the window - or in this case into the boiling caldron. You won’t find “Halloween witches” at the small commune of Chalindrey in France because here it is all about the real thing. Yes, the annual Witch Festival (Fête des Sorcières), which is now just about one hundred years old, is all about revealing the real roots and history of witchery rather than just a time for spook and mystery. The exhibitions portray the 16th century days when women and men were accused of witchery, and perished for it. Though there is face painting and renditions of Celtic traditions that could border on weird, most visitors will likely feel enchanted by the lovely architecture and views in the region, and very spooked by the real history and the ghostly feature films. For the superstitious, a nearby fort is known for a reason as "devil's point," with local ghost stories that match. Did you see something? Or was that just be the light tricking your eyes?

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