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Wine Feast Sant-Remy de Provence



France - Saint-Rémy-de-Provence


From: 2015.07.27 To: 2015.07.29



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Wine lovers from all over France unite at a refined tasting event this summer. The Wine and Bio Products Feast of Saint Remy en Provence takes you to the heart of the hilly and sunny southern France, where for over three days you will discover the best and most authentic products of the region to the sweet rhythms of New Orleans' jazz and blues. Within this extravagant and jolly Bacchus-like atmosphere, you will also have a chance to admire and purchase regional bio products such as home made honey, olive oil, special Provencal cheese, and much more. The feast ends on a high note with a lovely parade of local costumes that illustrates well the beauty and pride of the region.

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