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Westminster Kennel Club Show



United States - New York


From: 2016.02.13 To: 2016.02.14



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Dog lovers of the world, the dog show of all dog shows is upon us once more! The Westminster Kennel Club Show brings the most pampered, preened and petted pups the world has to offer to the Big Apple to show us all just how beautiful a pooch can really be! There will be no rolling in mud or slobbering on slippers at the Westminster Kennel Club Show, as pedigree varieties from Great Danes to Pugs, Chihuahua's to Poodles strut their stuff and show just how well behaved, well groomed and adorable they can be if they try. See if you can pick the Best in Show, or perhaps just your own personal award for 'Dog Who Looks Most Like Their Owner'! Either way, you're sure to be squealing with delight and overdosing on cuteness at the Westminster Kennel Club Show in New York City this year!

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