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Welcome America!



United States - Philadelphia


From: 2016.06.25 To: 2016.07.04



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What could be a more appropriate place to celebrate the birth of the nation than in Philadelphia? This city is considered the heart of the nation. It witnessed many crucial events, such as the First Continental Congress, which defined the future of the United States as an independent nation. Welcome America! is an 11-day event culminating in a spectacular celebration with firework shows, parades, live performances, cultural events and hundreds of other activities. Learn about the great history of the United States, dance on the streets and visit Philadelphia’s museums and exhibits. Millions of people attend the parade on July 4th annually. The largest concert of the year takes place with some of the most popular artists singing live for thousands of people of all ages and cultural backgrounds. In previous years the event has featured such performers as the Goo Goo Dolls, The Roots, Chuck Brown and Chrisette Michelle, to name but a few. Bring your blanket and a food basket, and have a pleasant picnic with your family and friends. You can also get a ‘Patriot Pass’ and receive unlimited discounts in restaurants, shops, museums and other attractions. Caution! The good mood and positive atmosphere of the event are highly contagious!

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