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Water, Music, Flower Festival



Hungary - Tata


From: 2015.06.29 To: 2015.07.01



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Tata and the middle Transdanubien region biggest event waiting the visitors every year on the last full weekend of June with concerts, carnival on water and expects the companies with a flower show. Many wet programs like regatta, sail competition, jet-ski, motorboat and hydroplane show, and aquatic carnival acts. The flowery event the flower knitter organized by the Hungarian flower knitters' association competition, the flower arrangement exhibition. Flower compositions decorate the castle, the castle gates and the facade of the castle. On the yard of the castle flower market, a flower arrangement exhibition waits for the interested ones in the building. In the musical supply pop-, classical- and folk music bands' appearances they act, domestic and foreign country stars make an appearance. Artisan and craftsmen shows his products - between many people woodcarver sculptor, horseshoer smith, pottery potter, husks straw spinner, goldsmith, gingerbread painter, furrier, glass painter - the artisan waiting the visitors under the time of the festival. Fine art exhibitions and gastronomic programs are included in the additional constant programs.

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