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Washington Jewish Film Festival



United States - Washington


From: 2016.01.03 To: 2016.01.13



Official website:



There's more to the Washington Jewish Film festival than fiddlers on roofs, as will be seen when this exhibition of international cinema focusing on celebrating Jewish culture across the globe returns to Washignton DC. Running since 1990, the festival delivers a diverse range of films each commenting in their own unique way on the Jewish experience. There is a strong emphasis on debunking stereotypes amongst the films showcased in the Washington Jewish Film Festival, and you might just be surprised at the poignancy and variety of the content. Many of the films on offer can only be seen at the festival, and the film makers are not afraid to confront difficult and taboo issues including fresh looks at the issue of Zionism and the holocaust. So if you're at all interested in Jewish culture, or even if you just like to catch a good film, get yourself along to the Washington Jewish Film Festival this year.

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