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Walpurgis Night



Germany - Wernigerode


From: 2016.04.29 To: 2016.04.29



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On the night before the first of May witches swoop through Wernigerode up to Mount Brocken, where they convene with the devil. Superstitious nonsense you might think, but you could be in for a surprise. Every 30 April thousands of people from all over Germany head to this famous mountain, also known as the Blocksberg, to celebrate Walpurgis Night. On the evening before the first of May witches gather together at the Hexentanzplatz (witches' dance), from where they fly up as one to Mount Brocken. Their sinister cavortings around the fire are said to reunite them with the devil. Every year thousands of people dressed as witches and demons flock to this spectacle of the macabre, when the festivities continue until sunrise.

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