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Croatia - Poreč


From: 2016.05.13 To: 2016.05.19



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If you’ve never been to Istria, the largest peninsula in the Adriatic Sea, you’ve made a grave mistake! Luckily, each May, you have a perfect chance to make amends by visiting Vinistra. Vinistra is the event which makes all your wine and gastro dreams come true! Held in Poreč, an ancient Roman settlement comparable to legendary Dubrovnik in terms of architecture, Vinistra is one of the most renowned wine events in the region. During the show, you can savor almost 600 wine, olive oil, brandy and cured ham samples presented by over 130 exhibitors. Vinistra consists of both exhibitions and evaluations, and it aims to educate wine enthusiasts and lovers of excellent gastronomy about the various local specialties. In the breaks from the event, you can stroll the scenic streets of Poreč and admire ancient Roman Castrum structures, built around the first century AD.

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