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Vienna Christmas Market



Austria - Vienna


From: 2015.11.17 To: 2015.12.24



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Boasting three million guests annually, a half a million from abroad, Vienna's Christmas Market is a gift indeed. The market itself is an endless display of crafts, foods, gifts and performances that are so enchanting it’s as if the whole workshop of elves and Santa himself to put it together. In fact it is the Vienese, not Santa, that have been the proud hosts of Christmastown for the last seven centuries. The market opens with the advent on Vienna's Rathausplatz, and the Rathaus Park hosts over 140 stalls featuring handmade products, glassware, leather goods, fruit preserves and textiles. Families and individuals can take baking or arts and crafts workshops daily. Meanwhile, holiday choirs from around the globe fill the air with music. The best way to experience it is while nibbling on a roasted chestnut, sipping hot-spiced wine, and letting yourself fall into a winter wonderland.

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