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Verona Horse Fair



Italy - Verona


From: 2015.11.08 To: 2015.11.11



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Romeo and Juliet were far too caught up with family feuding and romantic trysts to give their loyal followers any idea that Verona is also famous for an annual Horse Fair. Then again, it's usually the stories of love, deception and death that make history, and not the prancing of pretty horses. Nevertheless, Verona's Fiera Cavalli has managed to nearly usurp the world famous love story as the second most important thing that this northern Italian city is famous for as the Horse Fair is one of the largest in Italy. In both equestrian circles and festival circuits, the celebration is hot for the parties and the horses. Verona's Fiera Cavalli regularly features the finest world breeds and riding styles, including Western, American, Spanish, Andalusian and British. Horse-lovers have felt right at home in this city of lovers, since 1898 when Veronese unveiled the first horse show.

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