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US Open Sandcastle Competition



United States - Imperial Beach


From: 2016.07.22 To: 2016.07.24



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Wow! A world-class event on Imperial Beach, the most south-westernly city of the United States, only a twelve-mile drive from San Diego. The US Open Sandcastle Competition is unparalleled, huge and breath-taking. Artworks made of sand mushroom along the coast as professional and amateur sand-carving teams participate in the thrilling competition for the title of Master's Champion. More than 300,000 visitors turn up each year to marvel at these ephemeral works of art. But this unique event is about much more than just a few hours' excitement, until the high tide washes the sand away. The all-night Sandcastle Dance with live music, the all-weekend street festival, the Kids 'n Kastles Competition, and of course the sandy beaches in the land of eternal sunshine ensure that people of all ages and from all walks of life can get what they came here for: an unforgettable experience.

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