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Umeå International Jazz Festival



Sweden - Umeå


From: 2015.10.24 To: 2015.10.28



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Welcome to the 43rd edition of Umeå Jazz festival. Tradition, innovation, creativity and accessibility are key concepts in the creation of this well established event which over the years has become an event of national and international importance. The programmes provides a selection of today’s finest artists from the national and international jazz/improvisation scene. Workshops and seminars are also featured. It all started in 1968: The Tet-offensiv in Vietnam has just started, students in Stockholm are rebelling, the streets of Paris are burning, Tjeckoslovachia is invaded by the Warsaw militaries, and in Davis Cup the game aginst Rhodesia ends up in riots. This very same year a new movement in Umeå is started. A movement that will open it´s arms to a new, internatinal arena. Umeå Jazz-festival has just been born! You know how the story has evolved since then, with big legends such as; the mighty Duke Ellington, mysterious Sun Ra, charming Ella Fitzgerald, the elegant Count Basie, the diva Miles Davis, the one and only BB King, and many , many others. Not to forget all the Swedish and Scandinavian contemporary musicians that have thrilled us over the years. Today the festival has grown in to a bastion of music and improvisations that occur every new fall.An event that works as a strong inspiration for both musicians and audience, for both young and old. The festival creates a musical and social flow that moves in space of time. So go with the flow and let your body moove to the groove... Welcome to the jazzparty!

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