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Ultra -Trail du Mont-Blanc



France - Les Chapieux


From: 2015.08.31 To: 2015.09.06



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The UTMB mountain ultramarathon takes runners to three different countries (France, Italy, Switzerland) in a single stage. The amazing adventure covers 166 kilometers during the fascinating loop around Mont Blanc. While participants fight against the distance, altitude (approximately 9000 meters), and the tough weather conditions (wind, rain, ice and snow), they enjoy the wonderful landscape, magical mountains, impressive environment, fascinating nature and blooming flowers on the ground. The trails of the Mont Blanc offer different routes for runners during the ultramarathon week. Besides the 166 kilometer long UTMB, there is a 98 kilometer half loop, a 106 kilometer cross-country race and even a non-competitive event for teams of three people. The latter covers 245 kilometer, with an altitude of 21,000 meters, and takes former UTMB finishers to beautiful paths, that, however, may present dangers.

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