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Twelfth Night Children's Parade Madrid



Spain - Madrid


From: 2016.01.04 To: 2016.01.05



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The holiday season in Spain ends with the traditional Kings’ Day parade, as Caspar, Balthasar and Melchior travel through the streets of Madrid throwing sweets out to the assembled crowds of children and adults. The event varies immensely according to town and city. Celebrations can take the form of theatrical re-enactments, traditional pageants or the more common sweet distribution for children. Madrid opts for the latter of the three and on a scale that is likely to keep every Madrid dentist busy for the year to come.Thirty carriages equipped with just under 7000 kilos of sweets take to the streets between El Retiro Park and the Plaza Mayor. The exotic Kings from the Orient, along with helpers, greet the crowds with handfuls of sweets and smiles. At the end of the procession there are numerous theatrical activities for children in the Plaza Mayor. Hoards of people turn up to witness to the event. Estimates in the last few years have put the attendance figure at around half a million. The night before the procession it is traditional for children to leave their shoes on their windowsills and fill them with straw for the horses of the visiting trio. Remember to go to your local bakery to buy your rosco de reyes, a large donut-shaped cake filled with cream. Don't be alarmed when you bite into it and feel something hard. Every rosco has a little king inside and the person who finds it has to pay for the cake. aSweet tooth or no sweet tooth this event is bound to sweeten up your Christmas!

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