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Twelfth Night Celebration



United Kingdom - London


From: 2016.01.08 To: 2016.01.08



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Twelfth Night is the traditional end of the Christmas season and the festival shows how the church adapted existing pagan midwinter festivals to have a Christian meaning. The programme starts with the Holly Man, a pagan figure familiar in many European countries being brought down the river on a cutter. He is be met by the river Bank by Mummers who perform traditional plays and encourage the crowd to “wassail” meaning raising their drinks in a toast to good health. The procession then moves to bankside jetty where the Mummers perform the freestyle folk combat play of St. George. Cakes are handed out at the end of the play two of which have a bean or pea hidden in them. Whoever finds them will be crowned King and Queen for the day and then lead the people through the streets to the historic George Inn in Borough High Street for storytelling, the Kissing Wishing Tree and dancing.

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