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Truffle Festival in Tricastin



France - Tricastin


From: 2016.02.12 To: 2016.02.12



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Since 1987 the Truffle Festival in Tricastin has been on a crusade to demystify the marvelous mushrooms we call Black Truffles. The astounding price per kilo prevents most people from experiencing this delight, but in fact most dishes only require 8 to 10 grams of truffle. Visitors to Tricast on the second Sunday of February can experience the Black Truffle as part of a fixed-price menu or à la carte. After the cocktail, you will be served a salad with truffles, then a truffles omelette, finishing with a heart of brie flavored with truffle. During the whole meal, the wine-makers will let you discover the wines of the Tricastin, to drink, of course, in moderation. And all of this will cost you just 27 Euros. Now that's something we can all sink our teeth into.

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