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Traditional Onion Market



Switzerland - Bern


From: 2015.11.26 To: 2015.11.26



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Bern's onion market is a full body experience. You'll smell it, cry over it, and eat it.. All onions radiating their exquisite deliciousness are on display during the once annual November onion market day. In addition to bags of red, yellow and white onions, the rest of the family makes a showing. Get garlic, leeks, shallots and chives pickled, pearled, dried, canned, big or small at one of the stalls in the city. Other suitcase stowaway hopefuls include ceramic pots, homemade bread and pickled specialty onions. While stalls open at 4am and close up by mid-afternoon, nearby restaurants ensure the celebration doesn't stop. There are confetti battles, jesters, live music and improvised performances in the city center. Head to one of the nearby restaurants to enjoy the harvest with hot onion soup, onion pancakes, garlic salads and onion fries in addition to regional cheeses and cheesecakes. The Onion Market will leave you in tears of joy. If you’re traveling with friends be sure to bring breath mints.

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