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Tour de France Stage 5



France - Saint-Quentin


From: 2015.07.05 To: 2015.07.05



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This stage of the Tour de France is possibly the most beautiful of all the stages, going through Finistere and Cotes-D’Armor. As the final stretch of the race is alongside the English Channel, it's ideal for fans to gather; it's considered to be as intense as the previous stage, but with scenic beauty adding to viewing pleasure. This insanely-difficult, leg-pumpingly exciting Lycra-clad extraordinaire was born in 1903 amidst much eye-brow raising and jaw-dropping. The French people soon took the Tour de France to their hearts however as it placed their towns, their countryside and their mountains in the spotlight. The Tour de France covers 3,500km over 21 gruelling stages: 10 flat stages, 7 mountain stages, 1 medium mountain stage, 2 individual time-trial stages and 1 team time-trial stage. The current leader is always possible to spot, as he'll be wearing the coveted yellow jersey.

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