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Tough Guy Competition



United Kingdom - Perton


From: 2016.01.29 To: 2016.01.29



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Think you’re a tough guy? Complete the Tough Guy course which is only rivaled by the U.S Navy S.E.A.L.S “Grinder” Assault Course and you’ll definitely be a tough guy or tough women. You’ll be running, crawling, climbing, jumping and swimming to the finish line. The tricky, muddy and slippery course will put your physical and mental strength to the ultimate test, so it won’t hurt for you to do some preparation prior to the competition. Along with hundreds of other people you will be pushing forward in the cold and chilly weather and you will certainly find yourself stuck on more than one occasion. Don’t worry, like the Navy Seals, there will always be someone there to lend you a helping hand.

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