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The Verdiales Music Festival



Spain - Málaga


From: 2015.12.27 To: 2015.12.27



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The Verdiales flamenco singing and dancing competition takes place annually on December 28th just outside Málaga City. Twenty-five competitors are known as “pandas” perform various folk songs and dances originating from the nearby Los Verdiales olive-growing region north of Málaga, near Almogía. The songs are usually happy and simple, marked by a passionate cry of 'ay' and vigorous clicking of the fingers. They traditionally wear costumes of unusual headgear decked with flowers and also festooned with mirrors, bells, beads and colored ribbons. The judges hold up cards to vote for both music and dance. Equally interesting, and perhaps also more authentic, are the impromptu practice and jamming sessions among the musicians, where they perform this particularly passionate rhythmic music with the assistance of bottles of potent Málaga sweet wine and aguardiente (literally, fire water) passed from hand to hand.

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