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The Schlossberg Festival



Austria - Graz


From: 2015.10.24 To: 2015.10.28



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See how Graz's historic fairytale fortress castle becomes a buzzing hub of counter-cultural music during the Schlossberg Festival, an annual four-day festival packed with live concerts and DJs disco dance parties. The concerts take place on an open-air stage located in the cellars of the former fortress, while debauchery ensues in all of the nooks and crannies in and around this two-hundred-year-old castle. The event's tag line of fostering "contemporary music and political discourse," is vaguely reminiscent of a political victory that is associated with the only time in history the castle played a major role. Schlossberg was used as a fortress only once, when locals sought refuge in an attempt to defeat Napoleon's army in 1809. (Napoleon lost.)

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