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The Regatta of the Maritime Republics



Italy - Amalfi


From: 2016.06.03 To: 2016.06.03



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The mighty maritime republics of Amalfi, Genoa, Venice and Pisa once competed for military and economic control of the Mediterranean. These glory days may be long gone, but the intense competition among the cities remains and there is no better example than the annual Regatta. Each city selects its eight strongest oarsmen to propel a replica 12th century boat across the finish line. Each boat is adorned in its city figurehead and colors: Amalfi (blue), Genoa (white), Pisa (red) and Venice (green). The event rotates among the four cities with each location offering its on twist on the festivities. The Regatta is always preceded by a colorful parade of actors dressed in medieval costume typical of the maritime era of dominance.

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