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The Ososphere Electronic Nights



France - Strasbourg


From: 2015.09.28 To: 2015.10.06



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Do you want to take part in one of the most humanly designed electronic festivals in Europe? The Electronic Nights of the Ososphere in Strasbourg held at the end of September each year lives under the theme of human construction in which each part and concept of the large scale musical event has been built by artists and spectators altogether. Creativity simply at its best, and truly rectifies the definition of modern art, and electronic interpretation. But leave the judgment to yourself. Each idea has been given representation under various shapes and forms so do not be surprised if Strasbourg starts to resemble Berlin in its postmodernist night life outlook during the festival days. Great electronic bands play up to various styles in the field while your walk through the large factory scene will constantly surprise you and make you wonder whether you are strolling through a very exciting and bizarre dream. Do not miss it if you want to be surprised by the fantasy of the human brain on various beats of electronic mixes! This will seriously blow your mind.

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