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The Osborne Family Dancing Lights



United States - Orlando


From: 2015.11.07 To: 2016.01.02



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If your family is lucky enough to be chosen, you may be the wizard of the night in charge of granting life to millions of dazzling lights in front of the eyes of the ardent mass of spectators. Otherwise, you can seek the solace in the radiant streets of Disney’s Hollywood Studios showcasing glowing carousels, flying angels and Santa, all perfectly synchronized to energizing holiday music. Every 10 minutes or so, the lights dim and then miraculously resurrect, dancing to the rhythm of traditional holiday music. What started in 1986 as a one-thousand piece father’s Christmas gift to his daughter has grown ever since into a delightful holiday tradition for thousands of faithful Walt Disney guests. Go to the Walt Disney’s World Resort, put on the holographic glasses and let the magic begin.

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