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The Head of the River Race



United Kingdom - London


From: 2016.04.04 To: 2016.04.04



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The Head of the River Race is a rowing race held on the river Thames. The distance the crews have to achieve is 6,8km long and it goes from Mortlake to Putney. The race was founded in 1926 by a rowing coach Steve Fairbaim who wanted to encourage distance training. It’s held annually on the third or forth Saturday of March, depending on tides. The participating crews have to be of eight men and teams from all around the world are awaited. The interest for this competition is so high that the Committee had to impose a team limit. Only 420 crews can subscribe to this event. The boats are started in 10 second intervals to ensure a safe start. The Head of the River Race is a challenging competition for the rowers and great fun for the fans.

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