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The Glories of Bresse



France - Bourg-en-Bresse


From: 2015.12.14 To: 2015.12.19



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With great fanfare and pride, four regions in the Bresse area of France host a competition for the healthiest, free-range, corn-fed poultry during Les Glorieuses de Bresse. The health of the birds are important markers of quality, so each chicken, turkey and capon is carefully cleaned and laid out on long tables for judges to closely inspect. The event is painstaking in this regard, but these farmers are proud to compete for one of the coveted prizes. The event is known throughout France when it comes to the best poultry and certainly anyone who wants the opportunity to purchase one fine bird for the holiday meal should head here; all of the birds are available for purchase after the judging is complete.

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