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The Feast of the Lord of Qoylluriti



Peru - Cuzco


From: 2016.05.01 To: 2016.05.08



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This little known event near Cusco in Peru takes places between the Christian feasts of Ascension and Corpus Christi each year. This mostly indigenous pilgrimage of thousands gathers on the slopes of glaciers in the province of Ocongate each year to celebrate the Star of the Snow. Pilgrims trek to the top of the glaciers at night to pay homage to Apus, the Spirit of the Mountains, to encourage fertile herds and productive crops. The trek also rids the group of bad spirits and ice is collected as Holy Water for the coming year. Andean beliefs and traditions are alive and well in this area and have shown resistance to religious change despite the strength of Catholicism in the region. The event ends in feasting and dancing.

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