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The Caucasian Challenge



Hungary - Budapest


From: 2015.08.11 To: 2015.08.27



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The Caucasian Challenge is a minimal assistance motor rally, a mad jaunt hauls you more than 7,000 kilometers (4,400 miles) across 11 countries in just over two weeks. Your adventure starts in beautiful Budapest and after a supreme kick-off party, you trek your way across Eastern Europe and Turkey to the wonderful lands of the Caucasus mountains. More exciting than going to a museum, the route takes you straight into the heart of the former (and recent!) conflict zones of Bosnia, Kosovo, South-Ossetia and Karabakh, places you’ve probably only heard about on the world news.Wonderful local people, atrocious boarders, ancient architecture, bad roads, endless scenic vistas, pointless administration obstacles, high altitude terrain, subtropical zone, intense heat and cold are only a couple of things you need to deal with before you cross the finish line in Yerevan.Real adventure that beats bungee jumping any day!

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