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The Carnival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria



Spain - Las Palmas


From: 2016.02.03 To: 2016.02.21



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The Las Palmas Carnival is second only to Rio, and like nothing else this side of the Atlantic. Get ready for weeks of non-stop Latin rhythms and drunken revelry. Costumes are intricate works of art shaped fitted to expose maximum skin. The highlight of the carnival is the crowing of the carnival queens, both drag and beauty. The elaborate costumes worn by would-be queens require sponsors to pay for them, and work begins a full year in advance. The drag queen competition is so competitive judges have to pre-screen contestants prior to the carnival and select only the top competitors. The things these people can do in 30 in platform shoes is astounding. The carnival ends with the ceremonial Burial of the Sardine at sea.

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