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The Cannabis Cup



Netherlands - Amsterdam


From: 2015.11.18 To: 2015.11.22



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Just the name gives it away. Cannabis Cup is a 420 paradise for marijuana lovers of all varieties stemming from all nations. There aren’t many places in the world like Amsterdam, a city whose liberal attitude opens welcoming arms to getting high. Stoner magazine High Times organizes Cannabis Cup in celebration of weed’s wonderful worldwide accomplishments. Amsterdam's 400-some coffee shops compete to see who has the best marijuana and prizes are duly handed out in a relaxed, ganja-friendly way. Meanwhile, there's heaps of hemp-related products available, everything from jewelry and clothing to hemp burgers, anyone? For something sweeter, there's always space cake, too. The High Times also puts on an annual Stoner Swimsuit Competition, which adds dreads and the occasional lip piercing and a love of world peace through pot to the popular competition for the ladies, and if you're lucky Miss High Times might be around. Additionally, the seed competitions highlights the cutting edge work of marijuana bio engineers who prove that a little bud doesn’t destroy all your brain cells. In recent years celebrity weed-smokers like Snoop Dogg have made the trip to Amsterdam to join in the fun. Keep in mind that while smoking is legal, you've got to be 18 years old and Dutch drug tolerance stops at hard drugs. It's one hell of a high, and quite a liberating feeling to not be looking over your shoulder every time you light up. Try to get in on the World Record for largest joint ever smoked. Mentioning this great accomplishment is not recommended for your next job interview.

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