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The Black Sun - the Flight of Starlings



Denmark - T√łnder


From: 2016.03.20 To: 2016.04.25



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Truly one of Europe's most remarkable sights, the daily dance of the starlings above Denmark's southern marshes is an eye-poppingly, mind-squelching extravaganza. Nature's beauty in full swing, the setting of a 'black sun' of birds happens each night from around 15th March until 25th April (depending upon these master showmen's whims), as the birds pause en route from the north to their breeding grounds in the UK, France and Belgium. The best chances of witnessing this spectacular event are in Rømø, Rudbøl sø and Møllehus Grænse/Aventoft. Guides and group tours are available to help you find the best spots. If there are birds of prey about too, then the dance of starlings is even more spectacular as they shift in the sky, their pattern broken by their feathery friends as they search for the perfect place to have a kip.

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