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The Battle of Castillon



France - Castillon-la-bataille


From: 2015.07.20 To: 2015.08.17



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Are you passionate about European history? Why not take an active part in the reconstruction of the Hundred Years War by participating in the famous historical battle of Castillon in the beautiful region of Aquitaine in France. Performed on a natural arena encompassing 17 acres within firing range of the original battle ground, 800 volunteers, including 500 actors and 50 horseback riders re-enact the Battle of Castillon. The two captivating hours, filled with stunts, special effects and explosive expertise give you the chance to have an unforgettable epic battle experience ending the 100 years war right in front of your eyes. There are also opportunities to explore the surroundings of this famous wine making region while tasting its best beverages. Overall, be prepared for a eye witness spectacular account of a famous historical experience that will take you back hundreds of years.

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