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Tanpınar Literature Festival



Turkey - İstanbul


From: 2015.10.01 To: 2015.10.04



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Organized every fall as a friendly and intimate affair, the Tanpinar Literature Festival takes over Istanbul’s small coffee shops, universities and cultural centers. Reading sessions, discussions, panels, and lectures are organized without the usual hullabaloo of festivals. You might just step into your favorite coffee place and find a promising author reading his or her latest work. For more hidden events, one can always check the organizer’s website, as this is not a festival for the connoisseurs only, but it is also aimed at providing authors and readers a space for discussion and contact. Both Turkish and international authors are invited to the festival, so the public can encounter local talents while getting in touch with the literature of other countries. Most editions will have a general theme around which the readings will generally revolve, with past editions offering eclectic topics such as Dialog with Italy or City and Food.

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