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Tango Week



Switzerland - Z├╝rich


From: 2015.07.23 To: 2015.07.31



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Do you love the tango? Or do you have no idea how to do the tango but always wanted to learn? Or do you just really, really like to watch? No matter what your interest, the Tango Week in Zurich is the moment for you to shine. Immerse yourself in the dance of passion as the shores of Lake Zurich become a tango Mecca! From live music to tango workshops and performances by the experts so good that you'll gawk at their moves and ask yourself 'How, exactly, do they do that??!?!?!?', the Tango Week in Zurich has it all. Once you've perfected your moves and found your ideal tango partner, you'll be ready to show off your secret weapon at the 1920's themed Tango ball! So grab your friends and that tall, ginger, handsome man and get your groove on at the Tango Week this year!

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