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Swiss National Day



Switzerland - Geneva


From: 2015.07.28 To: 2015.07.28



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The Swiss National Day is celebrated to commemorate the founding of the Swiss confederation in 1291. Since 1891 the Swiss have been celebrating their national day on August 1. The national day celebrations in Switzerland are not as extravagant as they normally are in other countries on their national days. The main event is a speech by either the President of the confederation or some highly prominent person from the fields of politics, arts or sports. But lack of extravagance doesn’t mean lack of enthusiasm. There are firework displays and light works from influential communities and municipalities. Small children march through the cities holding candles and lighted paper lanterns decorated with the Swiss cross or the symbols of the canton. People also decorate their houses and establishments with these lanterns and lights. Bon fires, barbeques and brunches in the fields and parks are an integral part of this historic occasion. In fact Swiss farmers love it invite guests on their farms and serve them lavish fields.

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