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Sumba Pasola



Indonesia - Propinsi Nusa Tenggara Barat


From: 2016.02.01 To: 2016.03.31



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Are you tired of paintball, airsoft and other games for kids? Are you fond of old school violence? You wanna see a real warriors getting hurt or even killed in front of you? If the answers are yes, come to the Indonesian Sumba Island and watch the Pasola ritual where two teams of horsemen fight with wooden spears. This is truly a most exciting ritual. Is there anywhere else where you see horsemen trying to kill each other? Where eyes are lost and blood is shed so freely? This is much more than a game - the event was inspired by a legend about some local guys who settled their dispute over a woman with a game of Pasola. Nowadays, this is an important ritual that doesn’t have a specific date because it's determined by the master of the ceremony – Rato. However, it always takes place in February or March so regularly check for updates and prepare yourself for a real spear battle.

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