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Storytelling Festival



Netherlands - Amsterdam


From: 2015.11.05 To: 2015.11.07



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Once upon a time, there was a festival in Amsterdam for people of all ages. This festival was dedicated to the long lost art of storytelling. From old, well known stories, to sad stories, to funny stories, to happy stories, the people who came to this festival laughed and cried together as they were told stories by the best tellers the city has to offer. In Amsterdam this year, you can become part of the story by attending the Storytelling Festival! Just like in the story above, you will be entertained the old fashioned way and you can even participate in the story-making process yourself and discover some hidden creative talent at one of the festival's workshops. Rediscover this lost art and bring your children along for 3 days of magical story-telling adventures in the Amsterdam Pollux theater and the Theaterschip.

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