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Stonehaven Fireball Festival



United Kingdom - Stonehaven


From: 2015.12.31 To: 2016.01.01



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For those who have ever complained that New Year's celebrations were lacking giant burning orbs on ropes being flung into the sea, there's Stonehaven Fireball Festival. Each year the Scottish town of Stonehaven lights up the first minutes of the New Year with a procession guaranteed to burn its way into the memories of all lucky enough to witness it. Originally an ancient pagan ritual intended to ward off evil spirits, fireball swinging now succeeds in attracting visitors in high spirits. Part of the Stonehaven's Hogmanay celebrations held every New Year's Eve, up to one hundred marchers make their way through the town towards the sea, whirling and spinning fireballs overhead like Lucifer's tetherball, before heaving their flaming globes into the murky depths at the water's edge. An impressive sight? Absolutely. Just don't expect to hear that Jerry Lee Lewis song during the parade.

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