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St. George’s Day



United Kingdom - London


From: 2016.04.21 To: 2016.04.22



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St. George’s Day is also celebrated as England’s national day. Although St. George is the patron saint of many big and small European countries including England, Greece, Portugal and Russia, he is especially revered in England. It is celebrated every year on April 23, the traditionally accepted date of Saint George's death in 303 A.D. And if it makes a difference it’s also Shakespeare’s birthday (according to a legend he died on his birthday!). Aside from religious feasts in local and national churches there are parades featuring folk songs and dance, floats depicting various fights conducted by St. George, including the ones with dragons and human tormentors, and skits and plays commemorating the life and times of the saint. You can also enjoy concerts, carnivals, open-air fairs, village and town level fun sports events, banquets and balls and various other events that give you the true aroma of the local culture.

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