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St. Agatha Day



San Marino - San Marino


From: 2016.02.05 To: 2016.02.05



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St. Agatha was quite a beauty. She was also rich. Unsurprisingly, this meant that a lot of fellas wanted to pick her up. She refused them all, as she wanted to dedicate her life to God. One guy decided he really had to get his hands on Agatha and tried to force her to marry him. She refused. He locked her up and tortured her horribly, but she still refused surviving the torture through praying. On St. Agatha day, there's a procession, a holy mass and then a massive feast in the evening. The day is especially important in San Marino because it coincides with the Liberation of the Republic from the Alberoni Occupation Anniversary - a celebration of when the people of San Marino initiated civil unrest to throw out their occupiers in 1739.

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