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Spring Equinox at Chichén Itzá



Mexico - Mérida


From: 2016.03.19 To: 2016.03.22



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See the shadowy snake slither down the side of the stone structure as the sun slips from behind the clouds during Spring Equinox. The genius Mayan architects built the El Castillo Pyramid in such a way that during the Spring Equinox the sunlight appears to be a serpent - known as Kukulkan - who moves down the rocks of the impressive structure. In amongst the 40,000 Mexicans, tourists the media who gather for the event there's also many white-robed sun worshippers, for whom the event is a spiritual occasion. The spectacle is pretty top notch from whatever angle you view it, but the north side is usually the best unless you have a phobia of 34-metre snakes, in which case you should probably stay home. The site is located just a short distance from the Mexico city of Merida.

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